Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tot School - Week 3

Tot School
M is 30 months old.
Official Tot School
Apple Printing
Beginning Letter Sound Match
Parking Lot Number Recognition
Dry Pouring

Extra Learning
M got quite a bit of use out of her playdough set this weekend.  I brought it out on Friday for a little bit of messy play, and she spent most of the rest of that day, as well as most of Saturday playing with it.
After I realized that she needed much more exposure to beginning letter sounds, we started using Starfall this week.  Unlike some of the other toddler sites that Michaela likes, she can't navigate through the pages on her own so her daddy or I have to help out.  It was good though because I was able to assess which letters she was having problems with so that we can focus more on those ones.
We took a field trip this week!  We went to the local botanic gardens with some good friends of ours and spent the morning letting the kids run around and explore.
Teacher Lessons
Be patient.  It was really hard for me this week to see that M wasn't doing well with beginning letter sounds.  She basically taught herself her ABC's and she was doing so well, I thought for sure it would just click with her.  I had to keep reminding myself not to force the issue and to let learning happen on it's own.  We'll be working alot with exposure to letter sounds this week, but I have to remember to do it in a fun, encouraging way.

That's all for this week!  To see what other toddlers are learning this week, check out the official Tot School Website!


  1. Hang in there - she's only 30 months old!!! And honestly once you start using Starfall, she WILL get it - that website is SO awesome - it seriously has taught Z all of the letter sounds he knows (at 33 months, I don't think he knows quite all of them, but he's doing ok). As far as navigating on the website, Z couldn't do it 3 months ago either, but now he can and it is SO nice- he does starfall while I do dishes or fold laundry & watch him - she will get it before long! :)

  2. I wouldn't worry about her letter sounds. Back when we were kids we weren't taught that 'til 1st grade and we turned out just fine. =o) It's funny to see how society starts expecting kids to do things earlier and earlier with each generation. Our great grandchildren will probably be expected to be able to read Dickens coming out of the womb. LOL

    My oldest taught herself to read very early, by the age of 3. My two year does not have the same interest and I know that she probably won't be reading til K at the earliest but most likely 1st. And that's okay and perfectly normal.

  3. Like others said, she is only 2 1/2. I taught preschool for 5 years and many of the children didn't know their letters let alone the sounds. She will get it when she is ready. Looks like a fun week. And thank you for the sibling sharing tip on my blog.

  4. I loved your Teacher Lessons section. I can say I have been there many times. Like all the other wonderful comments...just go with the flow. My son is really into letters and reading right now, so I just follow his lead. He actually learned his letter sounds by watching the Letter Factory. I would let him watch a 30 min show in the afternoon and that was the one he always picked.

    The rest of the week looked fun, especially the field trip!

  5. I agree with the rest. 30 months is pretty young to know letter sounds. My DD is the same age and she can tell me letter names, but not sounds and she is not at all interested right now. So, I am just having fun with her and she will get it figured out someday ;) Great week !

  6. She will get it!! :) You seem like you are doing a wonderful job & showing so much care for your sweet girl! But- don't worry!! She has MANY years of learning ahead of her! :)

  7. Hi and thanks for your visit to my blog! I have been browsing around your sites and enjoying everything. I'm officially signed up to follow your recipe blog. Mmmmmm....I need good nutritious recipes like this for my finicky 2-year-old.
    I also enjoyed your Tot School post and how much you are doing. It's great. My son doesn't know the letter sounds at all. He has the song down pretty well but now we're working on recognition. That is going slower than I thought, but like you I have to just let go and let him go at his pace so learning remains fun. I have to spend some more time on your site here, like your book section. I love that dinosaur series you had posted. Sorry for the long post and happy schooling!