Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lacing Activities

Learning to lace develops fine motor skills and strengthens hand and finger coordination, which will later be important for writing. M had a little trouble getting started with the foam card, but hit her stride and did pretty well. The pasta and cheerios were much harder for her. With either a very long hold or a very small hole, she had to concentrate much more. She got too frustrated and left the table, so we will be practicing a little bit more with the cards before we try the pasta again.

Lacing Activities
Theme: Practical Life/Motor Skills

Materials: String (with tape puckering one end for better grip) or shoelace and lacing material. Be creative! Foam, paper, or old greeting cards with holes punched in them; tubed pasta, cheerios, beads, etc.

How to: Have your child practice lacing the string in and out of the lacing materials. You may have to physically help them at first by placing your hand over theirs to demonstrate the process. If they get frustrated, don't push them to continue. Once the child is more proficient, they will enjoy the activity more.

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