Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alphabet Bingo

I found this great little game in the $1 bin at Target.  The age range was 5-7, but I modified it a little bit so that it was more of a letter and beginning letter sound recognition for M.  You could easily re-create this by printing letters in a grid on cardstock and using dot markers or math manipulatives as markers.

Theme: Literacy

Materials: bingo style cards with random letters printed in each square, bingo markers (buttons, pebbles, math manipulatives, dot markers, etc)

How to:  You can adjust this to your own child's level.  We started off with me calling out a letter and M putting a marker on that letter.  Then I started saying words and asking her to put the marker on the letter that word began with (e.g. "Which letter does Monkey -mmm mmm monkey- start with?").  For older children you can also ask what letters are missing in a certain word.

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