Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beginning Letter Sound Match

Lately M has been starting to show signs of moving forward in her literacy lessons. She's pretty much mastered uppercase letter recognition, so I decided to move forward and start working on beginning letter sounds.

Unfortunately she's not quite there yet. She tricked me! It seems that she was memorizing instead of understanding the sound of the letters. She knows what letters the words that we've reviewed with her begin with, but if it's a different word, she doesn't understand. For example, she knows kite begins with "k" because that's the word we usually use. When I showed her keys, she kept insisting that keys didn't belong with k, only kite.

We'll have to work more on recognizing the letter sounds before we do another activity like this, but if you have an older or more advanced child this is a good activity for reinforcement and review.

Beginning Letter Sound Match

Theme: Literacy

Materials: Foam, magnet, or printed letters, various toys/things from around your house

How to: Place one letter on your work surface with three objects that all start with different letters. Have your child pick the correct object that starts with the correct letter sound. In the picture above they would pick apple for A. Continue adding different letters and objects as they work through the alphabet.

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