Friday, September 10, 2010

Dry Pouring

A lot of my activities are inspired by Montessori ideas. Dry pouring is an important skill to master, not only because it enhances a child's ability to control their movements, but also because it assists in developing responsibility and independence. If you are looking for more, My Montessori Journey has tons of great variations on the dry pouring activity. By the way, M loved this activity. She seriously spent a good 45 minutes working on this before she got bored!

Dry Pouring
Theme: Practical Life/Motor Skills

Materials: small pitcher, several containers with increasingly smaller openings, lentils (or beans or rice)

How to: Fill the pitcher with your dry materials and have your child practice pouring them into the containers and back again with as little spilling as possible. This is a skill that needs lots of practice before perfected!

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