Monday, December 13, 2010

Week in a Glance - M is 33 Months Old, R is 12 Months Old (2)

We had a sort of off week.  I had tons of plans for our hibernation theme, but nothing really happened.  When the week gets away from us like this, I try to remind myself that the kids are still so young, it won't kill them to miss a week.  Here's what we DID do this week (and by this week I mean last week; boy this post is late!):

We did our Hibernation Family night & St. Nicholas Day activities.

I learned that M has been playing this game with her daddy where they see how many animals they can stack on top of each other.  Great motor skills practice!

We went to our city's Christmas parade on Saturday and the kids had a great time watching all the lit up floats going by.  M's favorite part was all the candy being thrown at her!

After R started walking a couple of weeks ago, he scared himself a bit and flat out refused to walk.  This week he started up again!  Isn't he adorable?!
That's all for now!  This week our theme will be Gingerbread Men!

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  1. Your Animals in Winter night was very creative! Looks fun! Kerri