Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby & Toddler Christmas Tree Craft

This was such an easy and quick craft to make!  In fact we made it in the 10 minutes immediately before dinner to get my kid's minds off of screaming and whining for food.  And let me tell you, it might seem like a really bad idea to cover a child's entire hand with paint, but the awesomeness in this craft is that you control that hand!  Paint it up, stamp it down on the paper and immediately clean it off with your stash of baby wipes, and you're done!
Theme: Art/Music

Materials: Green paint, brush or sponge, paper, foam stickers to decorate, brown marker

How to:  Wash and dry your children's hands.  Brush or sponge green paint on one hand and stamp it on the page.  Stamp two more in the next row, and three in the next.  Wash your child's hands immediately and let the paint  dry on the paper.  Turn it around, color in a tree stump, and let your child go crazy decorating it with stickers!

Source: Chronicles of an Infant Bibliophile

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