Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in a Glance - M is 33 Months Old, R is 12 Months Old

We started off the season of Advent by focusing on it's symbols and meanings this week.  Don't forget to take a look at our Advent Family Night and Advent Countdowns if you are looking for more Advent ideas!

M worked on her writing practice from her Advent Preschool Pack

Both kids spent a lot of time playing with the caps from some baby food squeeze pouches. 
R enjoyed putting them in an empty puffs container and pouring them back out again.

M organized them by color and then used them for pretend play, carrying them around in her feed sack (baby doll sling) and feeding them to her stuffed animals.

We had friends over for a messy playdate.  I taped some butcher paper to the table and laid out some markers, paint, stamps, cookie cutters, and dot markers and we let the kids go crazy making homemade wrapping paper.  The kids had a great time making messes and I even let R get in on the action (although I had to find something else for him to play with when he started eating the markers).
M watched The King is Born too many times to count this week.  She kept asking for "baby Jesus" and I would gladly turn it on for her.

Lots of developmental milestones this week as well.  R said his first word!  (It was "No"!).  M also started potty training herself this week!  Long story short, I discovered she had secretly been using the bathroom and disposing of it in the guest bathtub!  Really gross, but also really neat that she took the initiative on her own!

I didn't get any pictures of her working on her Advent Countdowns but she has been looking forward to them and asking for them every single morning when she wakes up.

That's all for this week!  Next week we'll be working on Animals in Winter.

We'll be linking up to Preschool Corner as well as Tot School.  Visit their websites to find some more great learning activities!

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  1. I love your Advent Preschool Pack. I'm going to use the counting page with my son...