Monday, December 27, 2010

First Scrapbook

M has really started taking an interest in the mail lately, and is always looking for something that she could steal and keep for herself.  My husband thought it would be a great idea for M to have a "scrapbook" of her own - a little place where she could keep things that she likes or thinks are pretty, or just have some sort of special meaning to her.  And so I bought a little picture album, and that's exactly what we're doing!

First Scrapbook
Materials: Photo album with pages that peel/stick.  Items to put inside.

How to:  Any time your child finds an item they would like to keep, have them peel the pages back and place it inside their scrapbook.  Ours started off with some pretty postcards that were included in a mailing from our zoo, and a 2011 calender that was in a Disney DVD package.  I can putting items from magazines, ticket stubs, pictures, artwork, anything that your child would like to keep!

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