Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farm Preschool Corner

M is 3.5 years old
Preschool Skills Printables
We used printables from:
2 Teaching Mommies "On the Farm" Unit - Where things Come From Puzzles, Beginning Writing Practice, Which is Different, Shadow Match, Writing Maze, Plant or Animal Sort, and Cow Spot Counting.

ABC Teach "Farm Theme" - Pig Dot to Dot

Musing's of Me "EIEIO Farm Fun Pack" - Hurry to the Hen House Game

Preschool Trays
Harvesting Apples (Using tweezers to move them from bucket to jar w/ small opening)
Pouring Milk (Water w/ flour in it)

The pig printable and collage clip art all came from Lawteedah's "Farm Life" Unit Study.
Covering Pigs in Mud (with brownish fingerpaint)

Branding a Cow (with a letter M stamp)
Farm Collage
(I love that she insisted on the sheep and pig riding the tractor!)

Making Butter (Shaking Heavy Whipping Cream)

Homemade Butter!

Enjoying it on a Tortilla!  Yum!
Field Trip
We went to the NM State Fair this week for our field trip.  We saw lots of farm animals and were even able to watch a cow milking and sheep shearing demonstration.  We talked alot about how different animals give us different products - like how the wool from the sheep could be turned into clothes.  There was a great pretend kids farm where they could harvest vegetables, milk a pretend cow, etc.  She also really liked the agriculture building where all the prize fruits and vegetables were and liked talking about how BIG they all were!  She also couldn't get over the fact that the goats had a little toddler slide in their pen.  She kept saying "Goat's don't have slides!  Aren't they silly?"


That's all for this week! To see what other preschoolers are learning this week, check out the official Preschool Corner website!


  1. She looks like she is having a lot of fun making butter! It is pretty cute that her pigs and sheep are riding the tractor. It's a great example of child's imagination at work :)

    I'm tentatively planning to do a farm theme for our "F" week, which will be in early October. I'll have to take a peek at your post to remind me of your great ideas :)

  2. I just posted our Robots week 1 unit but for week 2 we did a farm unit too (from Homeschool Creations). I love seeing our little ones learning so much!