Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tool Tot School

Tot School
R is 22 months old
I had a lot of great ideas mapped out for our Tool Week, but life got busy and it didn't quite happen; even when I added another week!  Here's what we DID do. :)

Tot Trays
Putting Small Nails into an Ice Cube Tray

Hammering Golf Tees into Styrofoam
Just for Fun
Playing with his toolbox

Using a saw to cut through Styrofoam
Field Trip
I didn't get any good pictures of R, but we went to Home Depot's Safety Day on Saturday where he got to "help" his sister with her workshop project.  By help I mean bang a hammer against a table until he got bored. :)

Books & Movies

That's all for this week! To see what other toddlers are learning this week, check out the official Tot School Website!


  1. Oh my tot school weeks always end up like yours as well- grand ideas, lots of prep but in the end we rarely get everything done! Your week still seems great though and looks like your Tot had a nice time which is the main thing!

    Love the nails into icecube tray- have not done a tools theme yet with my tot but it is on the agenda for one day!

    I think I need to take my boys on more "field trips" related to their themes as well.