Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Princess Week in a Glance - M is 36 months & R is 15 months

M turned 3 this week (THREE!) so in honor of her birthday we did a laid back Princess theme week.

After we watched Cinderella, I set out some old shoes for her and she had to find the matching shoe to complete the pair.

We read her Princess Seek & Find book.  We also used this book to find colors & shapes and to practice counting.
We played a Princess matching game using a cheap Disney Princess Old Maid game.

We took a fun field trip to the zoo - not exactly princess related, but it's become a birthday tradition for her.

And of course we ended the week with an AWESOME princess themed birthday tea party for a few of her best girlfriends.

M also was playing around with her wands when she said "Mama, I made an I!" What a smart girl!

We read a few fun princess books.

I had so many ideas for this week, but we mostly ended up taking it easy and watching WAY too many Disney movies.  Next year I'll have to expand this theme a bit. :)


  1. Great activities and week!

    Happy Birthday to M! The party looked terrific!