Saturday, March 26, 2011

Library Corner - Pink & Princess Books

A few weeks ago we did a Pink Princess Theme for M's birthday, but most of the books we wanted at the library had already been checked out.  They finally came in and M has been reading them nonstop for the past couple of weeks!
Not All Princesses Dress in PinkNot all Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen & Heidi Stemple - What a fantastic book!  It is great to have a princess book that shows them being REAL girls and having fun despite their sparkly crowns.  This is a MUST read for any little girl that loves princesses!

Pink Me UpPink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper - I think this was my second favorite book of the bunch.  Excited for a Pink Girls Picnic, a little girl is quite dismayed to hear that her mommy is sick and her daddy is taking her instead.  Do boys wear pink?  I LOVE this book and how the daddy steps up to the challenge of taking his little girl to an all pink event.

PonyellaPonyella by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans - A twist on Cinderella, a pony is sold to a new mean owner who already has two very mean horses.  Complete with a Fairy Godmare and a happy ending, this was a book M and I both enjoyed!

Pinkalicious (Spanish edition)Pinkalicious by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann - I think this is the first time I have ever written a completely negative review.  Do NOT read this book to your little girl.  It is awful!  The little girl tantrums and acts like a brat the entire time, and ends up turning pink from eating too many cupcakes.  She is told she must eat green healthy things in order to return to normal but as she does so, talks about how disgusting everything is.  The moral is to obey your parents, but it is such a tiny part of the book that it is completely overshadowed by her bad behavior and negative attitude towards healthy food.  It is definitely not worth reading to an impressionable three year old!

Some other books we read this week:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the warning. It is good to know.
    I have awarded you a blog award. Come on over when you get a chance

  2. SO much pink! I had no idea about Pinkalicious. It sure was a huge hit at the book fair at our school a few weeks ago!

  3. I totally agree with your view of Pinkalicious. The girl is obnoxious. Luckily, the other entries in the series are better. The first two books look lovely - I will be looking for them. Thanks for joining WMCIR!