Friday, October 22, 2010

Week in a Glance - M is 31 Months Old

Official School
All of the activities in this section have instructions and/or printables in earlier posts from this week.

Pattern Matching File Folder Game

Chopstick Transfer

Pumpkin Drop

Jack O Lantern File Folder Game

Uppercase/Lowercase Word Match

Pumpkin Grid Game

Jack O Lantern Patterns

Pumpkin Size Order

Pumpkin Counting Cards

Pumpkin Lacing Card

Extra Learning
She helped me make Pumpkin Apple Muffins

Teacher Lessons
Change is good.  I've been resistant to doing "themes" or letters of the week because I didn't want to restrict M's learning in any way.  After doing 2 months of Tot School though, I realized that we needed a little more structure to our set up.  M is insatiable when it comes to school time, so it's nice to have all the printables from our new "Preschool Packs" printed and on hand for when she wants to do extra school.  It also gives me the freedom to continue supplementing with other fun activites outside of the theme.  We are starting a weekly "Family Night" as well, so stay tuned on Sunday night for a recap of our activities!

Since our activities are starting more and more to reflect a preschool level, we are now linking up to Preschool Corner as well as Tot School.  Visit their websites to find some more great learning activities!

  Tot School


  1. So true about change! Love the Family night idea! Kerri

  2. those pumpkin apple muffins look yummy!! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing. :)

  3. What a fun week! love the pumpkin apple muffins sound very yummy!

  4. I really like your pumpkin theme and the variety of activities with it. I may try more structure myself in the future. Where did you get the dino chopsticks? We just started doing transferring and I don't have tongs or anything yet. Yours look great. Have a great week.

  5. My DD does not like tongs! I like a theme b/c it gives me structure and we actually get stuff "done". Without a theme I am kind of list ;)