Friday, October 1, 2010

Color by Number

 I've seen a few color by number or letter activities around the blogosphere, but I knew M wouldn't really go for them.  Her coloring skills or not fantastic, so I knew trying to get her to color small spaces with crayons would be impossible.  I decided that separate pictures would be much easier for her, and they were!  She really liked doing this!  It took her a couple of tries to get a hang of what we were trying to do, but by the end of it, she was enjoying herself and parroting me ("Lets see...what color is the 5?  Purple?  Do you see the 5 mama?  The circle!  Good finding!").  She cracks me up. :)

Color by Number
Theme: Preschool Skills

Materials: Paper, pen, crayons

How to: Draw some shapes on a piece of paper and write either 1 number or 1 letter inside each shape.  Then draw a key with a different color to correspond to each number or letter.  Have your child color the shape the corresponding color.

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