Sunday, October 10, 2010

Car Wash

I needed to keep M busy yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen, so I remembered this little activity and pulled it together quickly for her.  (Don't laugh at my cars, I was in a hurry and just started cutting freehand!)

Car Wash
Theme: Sensory/Messy Play

Materials: Craft foam cut into car shapes, washable markers, container of water, small sponge, towel to clean up afterwards!

How to:  Have your child color the foam with marker (I did this myself since I was in a hurry) and then wash all the "dirt" off in the water with the sponge.  You can add suds if that will make it more appealing to your child, but M has a strange fascination with drinking soapy water so I didn't bother.

Source: Frugal Family Fun

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