Sunday, August 22, 2010


In order to make things a little easier for myself, there are seven "themes" that I'll be categorizing our lessons as:

Practical Life/Motor Skills
Preschool Skills
Sensory/Messy Play
Art & Music
Exercise & Games

The theme we focus on each day will vary week to week depending on what our schedule is. We are very active in our local MOMS Club chapter, so all of our "lessons" will be simple and short so that we call still get out in time for activities. My plan is to spend 30 minutes or less on them each day during R's nap.

Occasionally I will also post random activities that we do outside of our designated Tot School time. These will be labeled as Boredom Busters, Cooking with Kids, and Imaginative/Independent Play. Every once in a while I'll also share some teaching tools that will help with my own organization under Mrs. Mom.

I've been lesson planning all week and am so excited to get started! Our first post will be tomorrow so stay tuned!

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