Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Week In a Glance

Holy week was a very low key.  We tried to keep the TV off as much as possible, and we read many versions of the Passion so that M could be familiarized with what the week was all about - Jesus' last week on Earth, His death and resurrection.  We were hoping to take the kids to Holy Thursday and Good Friday services but R was teething and M's mood was a bit off, so it didn't happen either days.

Resurrection Eggs
We did quite a few of the activities using 2 Teaching Mommies' resurrection egg printables.  We adjusted the amount of eggs a little bit to fit M's age (it is difficult to have 5 eggs that all deal with torture and death for a 3 year old).  All reading were using The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's StoriesThe Beginner's Bible.  Here's how mine were set up:

Egg 1 - Palm Sunday
Object: A palm leaf cut out of a piece of paper
Bible Reading: pg 427-431
Activity: Jesus & the Donkey Activity and Coloring Page

Egg 2 - Judas Betrays Jesus
Object: 3 dimes
Bible Reading: pg 432, 440-441, 446
Activity: Coloring Page

Egg 3 - The First Eucharist*
Object: a small barbie cup and a cracker
Bible Reading: pg 442-445
Activity: Cleansed by the Blood Activity and Coloring Page
*I just need to stress that in the discussion prompts from 2 Teaching Mommies they talked about it being LIKE the body and blood of Christ, wheras as Catholics, we truly believe that it IS the body and blood of Christ.

Egg 4 - Washing the Feet
Object: a piece of paper towel
Bible Reading: pg 437-439
Activity: None

Egg 5 - Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane
Object: a picture of hands praying
Bible Reading: pg. 447
Activity: Bubbles to Heaven Activity & Coloring Page

Egg 6 - Good Friday
Object: a picture of the crucifixtion
Bible Reading: pg 448-452
Activity: Coloring Page

Egg 7 - The Stone in front of the Tomb
Object: a small rock
Bible Reading: pg 453-455
Activity: The Stone and the Tomb Activity

Egg 8 - The Resurecction
Object: an empty egg
Bible Reading: pg. 456-458
Activity: None

We also watched the animated Worthy is the Lamb - found on youtube.  M was not all that interested in it after a while.  It is sort of slow, and again, death is a really hard concept for a child her age to grasp.

We are doing 2 weeks of Easter Activities, so stay tuned for that!