Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Montessori Trays

This was our inaugural attempt at Montessori Trays, and I think they turned out really well.  I'm using a shelf we've had for ages, and some trays that I found at the dollar store.
Egg Transfer
Materials: Plastic eggs, egg tray, bunny tongs (used for egg dyeing), bucket to hold eggs.
How to: Have your child transfer eggs from the bucket to the tray using the tongs.
Egg Eraser Counting
Materials: egg erasers, magnet numbers
How to: Have your child pick a number and count out the amount of erasers that corresponds to each number.
Easter Sticker Cutting
Materials: paper w/ stickers, scissors
How to: Have your child cut in between each sticker
Egg Color Match Puzzles
Materials: egg template w/ each half colored, plastic eggs
How to: Have your child build an egg that matches the puzzle that they have chosen.
Sound Eggs
Materials: 12 plastic easter eggs (6 of each color), various fillings (I used rice, lentils, coins, 2 empty, pasta, and pony beads).
How to: Have your child choose an egg, shake it close to their ear, and try to match it to another egg by only listening.

JellyBean Spoon Transferring
Materials: jellybeans, ice cube tray w/ small holes, spoon
How to: Have your child transfer the jellybeans into the holes of the ice cube tray using the spoon.

Easter Egg Memory Game
Materials: Easter Eggs, various items that fit inside the eggs (2 of each)
How to: Have your child open one egg and try to find it's match.  This is just like a card memory game, but uses eggs instead.


  1. These activities are great! I especially like the egg color match puzzles. I like your shelves and trays too. Everything looks very nice and inviting.