Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Weeks In a Glance - M is 35 months, R is 14 months.

We spent the past couple of weeks doing Valentine's themed activities.  We had so much fun and wished we had more time!

Preschool Skills
M sorted foam stickers based on color and size, and then graphed a handful using this printable.

She also worked on her cutting skills, followed a letter maze, and worked on this Roll & Color Puppy.

Then she spelled out words with these spelling mats.  She's getting really good at sounding out words!

Motor Skills
We also tried to do this lacing activity, but Michaela really wasn't in the mood.

I put some painters tape down on the carpet in the shape of a heart and let the kids go crazy using it as a road for their cars.

We went on a fun scavenger hunt at Target, looking for Valentine's Day objects.  Make sure to check out the printable if you want to use this next year.

We went to a Valentine's Day party for my MOMS Club and the kids had a great time coloring, making Valentine bags, listening to a story, eating goodies and playing with their friends!

We had a Valentines Sensory tub out for them to play with.

The kids made Valentine's for our MOMS club party.  I found a cute graphic online that reminded me of my kids, so I added some words using Microsoft Publisher, then printed them out and folded them in half.  M helped me tape a heart sticker over the edge and then used her thumbprints and an inkstamp to make hearts.  I had a few other small Valentine stamps from a dollar bin somewhere so she used those as well to help decorate.

I also watched a friends son for a little bit this week so him and M had a blast using those Valentines stamps to make bookmarks.

M was playing with blocks one day when she decided to sort them based on shape.  I love it when she does this type of stuff on her own!

R meanwhile had a great time figuring out how to put the screws into the holes in his toolbox toy.

R also had a great time dropping all of the goldfish into the hole in the top of one of his stacking bowls.  Great motor skills practice!

We'll be linking up to Preschool Corner as well as Tot School.  Visit their websites to find some more great learning activities!

*We will be taking a week off.  I had wanted to do a Healthy Bodies unit, but ironically we are all sick!  We'll be lying low and recuperating this week.*


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you went on a Scavenger Hunt! I made one up for St. Patrick's Day too! My son had too much fun with the Valentine's Day one, not to make another one.

  2. great week, love the tape-heart road!