Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Road

I thought this would be an easy, fun little Valentines themed activity, and I was right!  The kids loved running their cars all over this makeshift road.  We were planning to do a few of the extension activities that were in the comments, but R quickly turned this into a game of, "How Fast Can I Pull the Tape Off The Carpet Without My Sister or Mom Stopping Me".  Then M made an extension of that into the activity "How Small Can I Get These Pieces of Tape If I Sit Here and Tear to My Hearts Desire?"  Fun games, I assure you. ;P

Heart Road
Theme: Boredom Buster

Materials: Painters tape, cars

How to: Make a heart on the floor out of painters tape, and have your kid go crazy driving all over their new road!

Source: Little Family Fun


  1. Great idea! It is always funny how the kids take it in a different direction. Kerri