Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowmen & Snowflake Week in a Glance - M is 34 months, R is 13 months

Preschool Skills
I did something a little bit different this week, and set up all our Preschool Skills type activities in various stations around the kitchen table and her little work tables while M was napping one afternoon.  When she woke up, she moved around the various stations at her own pace and followed her interest.  I liked it because we didn't feel rushed, and everything was already set out and ready to go.
 We played this Snowman Grid Game (I can't remember where I printed this from; if you recognize it, please let me know so that I can post a credit!)
 M sorted snowflakes based on size with this Snowflake Sorting Mat.
 She matched the scarves to the correct color of hat using this Snowman Color Matching Sheet.
 M counted the number of snowflakes using this neat Snowflake Counting Mat.
 She sorted the snowmen based on size using this printable.
 She sorted buttons according to color and shape using Buttons for the Snowman from this Winter Fun Tot Pack, then matched Snowflake Halves from the same pack.

Sensory/Messy Play
The kids both had a great time playing with their Snow Sensory Tub throughout the week!

I also let M get a little bit crazy with some shaving cream "snow".  She was a little unsure at first (she's always afraid she'll get in trouble if she makes a mess!) but she ended up having tons of fun!

Family Night
We painted a wintry scene and caught flying snowflakes during our fun family night last Sunday.

That's it for this week!  Next week we are taking a break from themes so that I can get to all the cool random learning activities I've been saving up!

We'll be linking up to Preschool Corner as well as Tot School.  Visit their websites to find some more great learning activities!


  1. What fun! I love all the manipulatives.