Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week in a Glance - M is 32 Months Old, R is 12 Months Old

This will be a pretty laid back post since it was a pretty laid back week.  My hubby, who is a school teacher, had Wednesday through Friday off, so we spent quite a bit of family time together this week.  M worked on all the activities from her Thanksgiving Preschool pack, but I didn't get that many pictures.  The great thing about this week is that she got to work on them with her daddy.  We also had a super relaxing Thanksgiving with my dad and sisters (and their families), but again, no pictures.  Also a highlight of this week was R turning 1!  He is officially a tot!

M practicing cutting with her awesome new scissors

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack Activities

 Painting with Indian Corn
 The birthday boy!
 Making cookies with mama and daddy

Next week we'll be focusing on Advent activities!

We'll be linking up to Preschool Corner as well as Tot School.  Visit their websites to find some more great learning activities!


  1. I love seeing pictures of kids and parents baking. Maybe it's because we do it so much. I have older kids who I didn't know that I could be teaching so much if i would just include them in cooking/baking. I love the math opportunities.
    Happy Birthday to your little cutie!

  2. What a great week - it's so nice when daddy's can join in. I never saw the Indian corn painting idea, I like it. My son is really loving his new scissors too. Today though he was trying to "cut the wall". I let him know that doesn't work too well.

  3. Looks like a fun week! Can't wait to see your advent activities! x