Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaf Family Night

What a full Family Night!  I loved the leaf theme and had so many more activites than we could actually get to!  Here are some of the highlights from our leaf themed Family Night.

Teriyaki Beef Lettuce Wraps
I really wanted to include leaves in our dinner, but knew my kids wouldn't be up for eating salad as the main course.  I thought this would be the perfect comprimise, because although it's served on a bed of leaves, they could still eat around it if it came down to it.

Falling Leaves!

For this activity we had daddy drop leaves and try to have M catch them.  M was more interested in throwing them herself, so we just rolled with it.  R loved the leaf rain shower that was happening over his head!
Leaf Wreath
We made a wreath for our front door using leaves we had collected earlier in the week.  We basically took floral wire and had M string leaves on it until it was full.  She got bored about halfway through and we had to finish up, but it was still fun!

Leaf Bracelets
We made leaf bracelets using duck tape and leaves.  We basically cut a lenght of ducktape that would fit around our wrists and stuck leaves to the sticky side before closing.  So cute!

We painted using leaves as our brushes. 

Leaf Handprint Tree
We traced all of our handprints and made a tree using them as leaves.  (I did the tracing early in the evening and cut them out while the other activities were going on so that they wouldn't get bored waiting). 
Other Leaf Activities
We tried matching leaves that were the same and then classifying them by which ones were big and which were small.
Another great family night!  Thank you Lilla A and I Can Teach My Child for all the leafy inspiration!

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  1. I love the idea that you do a family night! My son is in such a difficult stage where he wants mommy doing EVERYTHING - his diaper, getting him dressed/undressed, bath time and if he gets daddy he just cries. We really need more time where daddy takes the lead in together time. Your leaf night looks awesome and I love that you matched the recipe to it. That looks yummy not to mention I can picture eating it like a lettuce burrito!